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  • Lois C. says:

    I am very pleased with my day at The Smile Center. Thanks to Gail for cleaning and Dr. Vickery for doing a complete examination and giving such great advice. I have never had such a caring group of people.

  • Anita M. says:

    Everyone is so nice and friendly. Dr. Vickery is very compassionate to his patients and is a wonderful dentist. I am so glad I was able to find his office and get in as a new patient.

  • Marga B says:

    I am so happy that I trusted Dr. Jones and his staff with creating a new upper denture for me. Now I am not afraid to smile as I had been for the last six years, they have given me back the confidence to smile again. I am so very grateful to Dr. Jones and his staff and recommend The Smile Center to everyone.

  • Tracy A says:

    I am so happy that I chose to try The Smile Center. I’m not big on going to the dentist but the staff made me feel so at ease. I would tell anyone who is uncomfortable at the dentist to go see Dr. Jones and his staff, they are amazing. I can’t say my fear is gone but I think I’m on my way! Thank you so much for having such caring people in your office!

  • Marga B. says:

    Again after my visit yesterday at the Smile Center–I must say how blessed I am for Dr. Jones and his staff taking care of my dental needs. Never before have I met such caring Dental staff and Dentist.

    Thank you Smile Center.

  • Lois Copley says:

    The Smile Center is very compassate and Caring . All employees envolved has a good caring attitude.
    Dr. Vickery and Jones is always willing to listen and then give advice.

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